By FAITH obtaining is made sure
The promise comes to pass
By FAITH You stand
To occupy
The substance promised
At Last!

Who is Janet Salsgiver?

I would like to introduce myself to you, my name is Janet Salsgiver.  First and foremost, I am one of GOD’S sheep. Spending time with HIM through the pastures of my life has given me the benefits of an up close and personal relationship with The Shepherd of my soul.

HIS loving care, HIS protection, Learning HIS Voice, observing HIS Ways and experiencing the closeness of HIS Presence while being instructed in HIS Word, the sharing of HIS Heart with me about the Unfathomable Love HE has for HIS Children.

Out of this time with HIM HE birthed the ministry of Jehovah’s Voice. My prayer is that you will be blessed as GOD and I share our time together in Whispers of Life, Volume 1.

I am a Licensed, Ordained Minister of the Gospel of CHRIST JESUS. I have traveled nationally and internationally, teaching, preaching, ministering in demonstration and prophetic word, healing the sick and encouraging The Body of CHRIST in their growth and relationship with GOD through the restoration of Hearing Ears.


Janet Salsgiver

“MY sheep hear MY Voice, and I Know them and they follow ME.”

John 10:27

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I would like to introduce myself to you—my name is Janet Salsgiver. First and foremost I am one of GOD’S sheep. I came to salvation at the age of 8, thus beginning my journey of looking for GOD in everyday life. There were times I could not believe how HE was portrayed. Always in My Heart/My Spirit, I knew there had to be more.

When at age 33, I received the Gift of The Holy Spirit, (baptism in The Holy Spirit) a brand new world opened up to me. The Bible became ALIVE! It Breathed, It Lit Up, or shall I say, “It Lit me up.” Revelation, Illumination, Communication, GOD had given me “ears to hear.” GOD Spoke, GOD Speaks. O the joy that filled my soul. Early morning communion with MY Father, GOD. Awakened early, pen in hand to catch the Voice of The Great I AM.  READ MORE>>>

We Need to Talk

By whispersadmin | July 3, 2021
We Need to Talk

Precious Ones hear I Pray what The Lord has to say,   Do You KNOW ME? Are we on a first name basis? Knowing of ME will not do, for MY Child I need to KNOW You Into a relationship we must be I KNOW You You KNOW ME When Adam Knew Eve, she conceived This is the ultimate intimacy To share your sorrow, pain and shame To lift your burdens and remain A return to the garden where we three Walked and talked in unity Time is coming and now is When the enemy seeks to reign, nullify MY Children and MY NAME In MY Book I did warn Have you not heard the alarm? Into MY WORD You must be found Making you Holy Ground Truth in Your Inward Parts, Spirit, Soul, Mind and Heart For these dark days are twisting And turning The Truth MY WORD is…

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