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Taiwan boys

The CROSS – On Purpose

By Janet Salsgiver / July 9, 2018 /

This word is in reference to the young soccer team trapped in the cave. Hallelujah they have been rescued.

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By Janet Salsgiver / June 25, 2018 /

Do you Know ME in the storm In your valley of despair Have you cried out in pain Trying so hard to hide your shame? I came to bathe you in MY LOVE And put upon you MY RIGHTEOUSNESS From Above To take from you your past And say to you, You’re FREE at Last!…

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The Bible

By Janet Salsgiver / June 24, 2018 /

The BIBLE is Our Book of LIFE Between it’s pages see Human kind made by GOD Is how We came to be In HIS IMAGE we were formed Co-creators We were born Then we decided to go Our own way The price of sin We would Have to pay Our fellowship was broken For We…

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oyster - failure


By Janet Salsgiver / April 9, 2018 /

Failure comes to every life In some form or another Yet the only true failure Is not to learn and uncover Uncover the Pearls of Adversity Left behind As the irritant to the oyster causes It to produce anti-irritant juice Bonding to the obstacle causing So much pain Coating after coating till only Beauty does…

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My Family

Welcome to Our World

By Janet Salsgiver / March 4, 2018 /

We celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary a few months ago. Wow! Time has passed so quickly, GOD has been SO GOOD. Through it all we’ve come to KNOW JESUS in every ebb and flow Though at times our boat did shake Sprang a leak and almost break JESUS stayed within the boat. LOVE made The…

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