Who or what, is your Goliath that will bring forth Your Destiny?

David had his Goliath, but GOD said Goliath had his David.

That that GOD has put inside of us, working the seed of HIS WORD

Hidden deep inside, just as leaven permeates throughout the whole lump, HIS WORD, HIS DESTINY that HE has placed inside even to us does hide, until the appointed time. SPIRIT, SOUL and BODY standing TRUE to the WORD & Destiny I have placed IN YOU.

Look back to the story of David and Goliath, immerse yourself into the story (1 Samuel 17), the attack was real, the threats were true, but GOD! The scene was set the Victory was sure, for within David GOD had procured the cure.

David got to KNOW GOD intimately in the pasture, tending sheep, out of the view of others HE experienced GOD in the circumstances of everyday life where he encountered his lion, his bear and his deliverer.

Before we know what we have, circumstances must come to reveal the sum.  As Paul put wood on the fire and the snake latched upon his arm, injecting him with venom, this circumstance exposed the snake. Not only the snake,  but the protection of Jehovah GOD in Paul’s life.  Those around him went from seeing him as a murderer who had escaped the sea, yet still under vengeance, to with no ill effects shaking the snake off, thinking of him as a god. How quickly the circumstance can change public opinion. We must stay true to our GOD and HIS Calling as we walk out the script given to us. (Acts 28)

How many of you are Believers? How many of you are Knowers? Belief is tested, belief can be messed with as it makes its way through the process. GOD told me HE had many children but few Sons, those who are brought to maturity, to walk in Oneness with The Father, The SON and The HOLY SPIRIT.  Galatians 4; Daniel 11:32; Romans 8:14; John 17

Roman 8:14 “For as many as are led by The Spirit of GOD, they are the Sons of GOD.”

All of creation groans for the manifestation of The Sons of GOD, Romans 8:19

Father GOD may we be True to YOU, YOUR WORD, YOUR WAYS and YOUR Process. Amen.

There are others whose lives testify to the destiny to which GOD had prepared for them to walk in (Ephesians 2:10)

Noah had the flood, but GOD said the flood had Noah (Genesis 6)

Abram had the SON (Isaac), but GOD had Abraham (Genesis 21)

Gideon had the shutdown, but GOD had Gideon (mighty man of valor) Judges 6. Gideon did not know who he was or what he processed until GOD spoke and called out what was in him.

Haman had Mordecai but Mordecai had Esther, GOD said Esther had Haman (Esther 4-7)

David had Nabal, but GOD had Abigail (I Samuel 25), (Isaiah 25)

Sisera had Jael, but GOD had Jael (Judges 4-5)

Jehovah GOD had Mary and Mary had Jehovah GOD (Luke 1)

The storm had Peter, but Peter had his storm (Matthew 14) the storm was a place of revealing, CHRIST JESUS.

What ground/territory have we been called to take/occupy in JESUS name awaiting HIS Return.

We have been given the Power to Say and the Power to Stay (Luke 10:19)

JESUS had the woman with the alabaster box, the unnamed woman had JESUS; to whom she would anoint for his burial, while HE was still alive Matthew 26:6-13

Who are we and where are we in GOD’S timeline? Our destinies are secure as we walk through our circumstances in a world gone dark……we are to bring forth the Light of Truth that has been placed inside of us, speaking with creative voice the oracles of Our Mighty GOD.

In this place of becoming

We have been led

Given to us each day our daily bread

This puzzle GOD is connecting to what is yet unseen

For HIS Kingdom comes without observation

And in HIS timing will bring Glory to THE KING.

GOD spoke to me of HIS underground church……

I speak to You HIS Church gone underground for strength and nourishment from HIS Living Waters that abide deep inside, not affected by the draught of HIS Word nor the evil that resides, to ARISE and take your positions, your orders…….by HIS SPIRIT may you be led, partake each day of HIS Daily Bread, be strengthened by the power of HIS might as you go forth in HIS LIGHT.

Zechariah 4:6; 1 Samuel 2:9; Isaiah 60:1-2; Daniel 12:3

To GOD be The Glory as HE reveals Your Story

As HE calls out what HE has matured In You

CHRIST In You The Hope of GLORY


That is the end of The Story.

Colossians 1:27

In HIS Majesty’s Service,

Janet Salsgiver

January 18, 2021

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