oyster - failure

Failure comes to every life
In some form or another
Yet the only true failure
Is not to learn and uncover
Uncover the Pearls of Adversity
Left behind

As the irritant to the oyster causes
It to produce anti-irritant juice
Bonding to the obstacle causing
So much pain
Coating after coating till only
Beauty does remain

The Pearl of great price produced
Thru the Furnace of Affliction
Shall be put on Display at
The Benediction

There is no sorrow, shame or pain
That when given to CHRIST a
Beauty shall be gained
Roses have thorns
Childbirth has sorrows
The Pearl begins as an irritating
Grain of sand
Never knowing that tomorrow
It will be a Strand

Displayed for the whole world to see
What Beauty GOD can bring
from Adversity!

Isaiah 61:3

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