Do you Know ME in the storm
In your valley of despair
Have you cried out in pain
Trying so hard to hide your shame?
I came to bathe you in MY LOVE
And put upon you MY RIGHTEOUSNESS
From Above
To take from you your past
And say to you, You’re FREE at Last!
Let not others pull you in
Once again to a life of sin
For today I have set you FREE!
Arise MY Child and Follow ME——-

STORMS do not define who I am
They are the backdrops to give sight
To MY Beliefs

“The LORD is good, a Strong Hold in the day of trouble; and HE Knoweth them that TRUST IN HIM.”
Nahum 1:7

Backdrop – a painted curtain hung at the back of a stage set. Also called blackcloth. The setting
as of a historical event; the background. American Heritage Dictionary

Belief – the mental act, condition, or habit of placing trust or confidence in another. Mental
Acceptance of and conviction in the truth, actuality, or validity of something. Something believed
or accepted as true. American Heritage Dictionary

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