The CROSS – On Purpose

This word is in reference to the young soccer team trapped in the cave. Hallelujah they have been rescued.

Taiwan boysI did not come to be murdered
I came to give MY LIFE for You
MY Death was not an accident
MY Life I freely gave—
On Purpose.

Just as the divers brought oxygen to the young boys in the cave
MY Life freely given brought oxygen to your death ridden spirit, soul and body
Brought connection back to the dark, damp, oxygen deprived heart
These rescuers brought resources of Life to those ensnared in the caves of earth
In your spiritual death (Genesis 3), I had a Plan, the Redemption of MY Man (mankind)
The Love and Value that I placed on You
Made ME come and see it through
The darkness of the trial, the darkness of The Cross, the darkness of The Tomb
Where it appeared as a loss
But—Hell was no match for The SON, whose LIFE was freely given—
Bases loaded, humanity down
Till I came up out of the ground
Keys in hand
Relationship restored
Hell, death, sin defeated
I stand at your door
Open up and ask of ME
So You MY Precious Ones can truly see
I have defeated the foe and I want you to Know
You are greatly loved and treasured
Beyond all earthly measure
Ask, seek and find—
Call on this name of Mine



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  1. Christel Cheatham on July 13, 2018 at 5:33 pm

    Thanks for giving life to words that the Father wants to give to his kids! You are an inspiration and light for the day and time we are in!! Your book is amazing and impresses us to dig deeper in our relationship with The Lord!!

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